What is Discharge Planning?

Discharge planning is the quality links between hospitals, community-based services, non-government organisations and carers (NSW Department of Health, Discharge Planning Principles, 2005).
Effective discharge planning supports the continuity of healthcare, between the health care setting and the community, based on the individual needs of the patient. It is described as "the critical link between treatment received in hospital by the patient, and post-discharge care provided in the community."

What is a Discharge Planner?

A Discharge Planner or Continuing Care Coordinator is part of the hospital staff who functions as a consultant for the discharge planning process within a health facility, providing education and support to hospital staff in the development and implemenation of discharge plans.

Our beliefs

We are committed to the provision of discharge planning of the highest possible standard to ensure continuity of quality care between the hospital and the community.

Executive Office Bearers


Thelma De Lisser-Howarth

Manager Continuum of Care
St Vincent's Private Hospital

Paula Harman

Discharge Planning CNC
Royal North Shore Hospital

Diana Mannix

Discharge Planning CNC
Royal North Shore Hospital

Virginia Edwards

CNC Discharge Planner
Lady Davidson Private Hospital